Build Smarter Apps with our
Natural Language Processing API


NLP API has 9 different endpoints that work with: links, RSS feeds or just text. We make it easy for you to collect and mine features from web pages so you can focus on building smarter apps.


Language Endpoints

The following endpoints work given a url or text.

  • Entity Extraction

    People, organizations, phone numbers and currency amounts.

  • Summarization

    Convert a long text into a list of the key sentences.

  • Text Classification

    Classify documents into a broad taxonomy.

  • Main Content Extraction

    Strips unnecessary elements from web pages: ads, navigation elements, and anything that gets in the way of understanding the text.

  • Full Text RSS

    Convert partial RSS feeds to full text RSS feeds

  • Language Detection

    Detect the language of a document

  • Author Extraction

    If the link provided is an article from a news outlet, We'll extract the author for you.

  • Sentiment Analysis (soon)

    Extract the tone of the text or keywords: positive, negative or neutral.

  • Main Image (soon)

    Get the main image of a webpage.